Saturday, 15 February 2020

Burning rubber in Canada - Part 17, Montreal ,Good bye Canada

Hi there

   With lot of fond memories I took off to another city Montreal,from where I had my flight back home. There was an issue of my USA visa due to which I had to cancel my flight back home from Montreal and had to take a flight one day later ,this was blessing in disguise as I would get an additional day in Montreal .

   After landing late in night ,I reached hostel at about 0200 am,another great place to stay . Next morning I was up by 0900 am after quick breakfast was out to sight see Montreal.

Few shots of Toronto 

Quite street outside the hostel in Montreal


Train along the Montreal port 

Century old Church 

Inside the century old Church

Montreal sea front park 

Unique apartment block

Town square 

     As I was nearing my hostel the street around the corner had been transformed for LGBT parade ,I had a quick bite at one of the restaurants and witnessed the LGBT parade

LGBT parade 

Exhibition celebrating LGBT freedom 

LGBT parade 

    I got a chance to meet this lovely couple McDonald's from Nova Scotia who were travelling to Doha to meet their grand son.

     The flight was smooth and home felt so sweet after a longtime , however I plan to visit Canada again that time I intend to ride to Alaska on motorcycle. Canada I will be back again

Ride Safe Firm Saddle 

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Burning rubber in Canada , Part 16 Toronto

Hi there

  It was late afternoon and beautiful weather by the time I landed in Toronto. Few strides from arrival area and I was on my way to my destination -China town . To reach china town I used all the three modes of transport first Bus than  metro and finally  tram . My hostel in china town was Two Peas Pod hostel  . Its not a typical Japanese pod ,but individual bunk beds with curtains for privacy and TV. Offers fair amount of privacy .

  After freshening up I went out for dinner in nearby Chinese restaurant and called it a day after a small stroll .

Departure Vancouver

First glimpse of Toronto

   Next day it was time to visit The Niagara Falls . I will be going along with my friend Saurav Addy  of almost 23 years whom I was meeting after almost 20 yrs . Addy as we call him has settled down in Canada from past 17 years and is now a Canadian citizen . After getting due directions to reach Addys home I was at his door at the given time ,what a meeting ! from that moment on wards it was just talking while going to Niagara falls , reliving our old memories it was such a beautiful drive. 

Addys porch

Saurav Addy 

 The moment I saw Niagara it was dream come true years of planning brought me here ,thank you Saurav .


Self and Addy 

Bridge between Canada and USA

We ended our Niagara trip with a late lunch at one of the Indian restaurant .

    By evening I was back in the hostel for dinner it was thai restaurant in china town  . The restaurant was  run by a thai family its pretty pocket friendly,taste was superb .

 Next day it was time to visit the Aquarium a short ride and walk from China town I was at the aquarium . It is one the best I have visited, its huge and very friendly ,there was massive crowd however there was no pushing or rushing everything was moving so smoothly .


Children area

The Shark tunnel 


One can touch a live specimen under supervision


Master Control Center

It was late in the evening by the time  I reached my hostel and called it a day.