Sunday, 16 September 2018

Motorcycling to Gadpahra and Pithoriya fort

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  It's been another long ride ,this Sunday I had planned to ride to another district of Bundelkhand or we can say the gateway to Malwa,it is  the Sagar district.This historical place is not just surrounded by historical monuments but Sagar was in the middle of all important happenings in Bundelkhand or Malwa.

     Today I intend to cover two forts Gadpahra and Pithoriya.

     Route                                   - Jhansi- Lalitpur-Gadpahra- Pithoriya-Jhansi.
     Condition of Rd                   - Excellent,  fit for all types of  bikes.
     Road side assistance           - Ample.
     Food                                    - I did not have food .
          Gadpahra Fort 

      As it had stopped raining today ,the weather had become lovely,the whole area it seems was wearing a blanket of emeralds.There was slight Chill in the weather,and at places there was light fog on the road and one has a feeling of riding in mountains.

Foggy road 

Passing through small patch of reserve forest 

    The weather had positive effect on thunderbird too ,she just loved the cool breeze and was racing ahead to destination with slight twist of wrist.
     The Sagar district has a history dating back from 1660 century onwards,when Udan Shah build a small fort next to present day Sagar fort and established a small village called Parkota.

     During Maharaja Chhatrasal's period this area was part of his kingdom.As Peshwa Bajirao helped Maharaj Chhatrasal in battle against Mughals in return he got area from Banda to Sagar and also married Mastani.

     The Peshwa Sadar of Sagar Area Govind Rao Pandit is  largely credited to build the present day Sagar,there after it came under the British rule.Also from this place the main british campaign was launched against Jhansi in 1857 i.e. central India field force started march towards Jhansi under Hugh Ross.

      The Gadpahra Fort was build to exercise control over the traffic going to or from Malwa to North. Located at a dominating feature, which offers a 360 degree view of surrounding area.

Wide view of surrounding area

     There is sad story associated with the fort.Few centuries back ,the fort was ruled by a old king,who had a unmarried daughter who wanted to elope with a lowly court servant,his son was conspiring against his father and wanted to take over his kingdom.

     One day the king heard about daredevil acts of a trapeze duo of  husband and  extremely beautiful wife.The king asked the couple to perform for him at his fort.

     He asked the women to perform an extremely dangerous act,which the couple had never performed,it was to walk on rope, which was hoisted 200m above ground and she had to walk for 500m. If she failed she would fall down and die, but if she walked the whole length,the King would gift her some portion of his Kingdom.

     The night before the  act both husband and wife danced and performed a sad song,the tone of song was such that it would  wrench the heart of heartless person too.Whole family of king listened to the sad song,his daughter who planned to elope the same night gave up the idea,his son who wanted to put his father under bars did not muster courage to go ahead with his plans,and his wife feared for her own existence,since the female trapeze was extremely beautiful.

     The next day the whole area was filled with thousands of people ,and at the appointed time the act began.

     The wife was walking on the rope and husband was beating  drum in gut wrenching tone. As she completed half the distance the kings wife become restless at the very thought of loosing portion of kingdom as well as her husband.She immediately ordered for cutting of the rope,as the rope was cut the  female artist fell down and died,the husband seeing his wife die ,he also died on his drums.

     The treachery not only saw death but it brought misfortune for the king,as his daughter remained unmarried,his son become an addict ,the king died and eventually the kingdom was captured by neighboring king.

      The fort is also famous for its  Hanuman temple which is also very old.Most of the fort is in ruins,how ever there is a beautiful memorial building.A must visit place if you are in Sagar.

Main entrance to fort as well as the temple 

Sacred age old Hanumanji

     The fort has two parts the Memorial mahal and the residential palace.The memorial mahal is an fine example of both islamic and bundeli style,it is three storey building however only two floors are open for the public,most of it is in  ruins but still some fine examples of beautiful art remain.

Memorial Mahal

Beautiful remaining art 

    The palace was build much later, but now absolutely in ruins ,however it does have some influence of European design,as some portion was constructed during british rule.

   By the time I finished both the places it started drizzling and the weather turned fantabulous.I moved to the next destination Pithoriya fort which is about 30kms from Sagar.

Pithoriya fort
  Pithoriya fort is  located about 30 kms from Sagar .To reach the fort one has to go via Bandri town,from Bandri the fort is just 6 kms.



   The fort played a prominent part in 1857,were in the central India field force was held up here by troops of Rani Laxmibai and it took almost two days to clear the fort,thereafter all buildings inside were systematically destroyed by the british except the outer wall.There is nothing much to see ,one can easily take a walk all around the fort.

Front wall of the fort

Age old main door 

Ruined buildings

Main entrance 

One of the cupola 

   By this time the sun had again come out of the clouds and it was time to head back home.Another beautiful ride finished,until my next ride blog-Ride safe Firm saddle.Adios