Sunday, 27 January 2019

Ride to Ajai garh and Khajuraho

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   It was long time after the Route 66 that I decided to ride back again on my Thunderbird.This time I decided to visit the last  of Bundelkhand forts  ie Banda fort,Kalinjar Fort ,Ajaigarh fort and Khajuraho .I took the opportunity of two consecutive holidays and planned my ride accordingly.
  It was a bright sunny day and I left Jhansi at 0730h,the weather was cold however it was sunny ,it was one perfect day to ride .

  Route                  -  Jhansi-Banda fort(Bhuragarh Fort)-Kalinjar  Fort-Ajaigarh  Fort-Khajuraho.
 Condition of road Good fit for all types of bikes.
 Road side assistance - Limited.
 Eating joints             - I did not have food en route just had tea at few places.

   The first halt was at Bhuragarh fort .The Bhuragarh fort has no proper approach road  and one has to cross the railway line with no crossing place one just has to take the motorcycle over the tracks..Helped by locals I had to took the bike over the railway track .Howevre  I felt after the visit ,that I should have just parked it next to railway track and walked to the fort.

Bhuragarh Fort


       The Bhuragrah Fort or Banda Fort  is situated on the bank of Ken river.It became part of Maratha empire as part of gift given to Bajirao Peshwa .In 1787, Ali Bahadur became the Maratha Nawab of  Banda .In 1792 he   fought a war against Arjun Singh and  captured the BandaIt remained  under Nawab's rule for some time.However Rajaram Dauwa and Laxman Dauwa won it again from Nawab. After the death of Arjun Singh, Nawab Ali Bahudar once again  took the control of Bhuragarh Fort. The  Nawab succumbed to injuries sustained during first battle of Panipat and  died in 1802 .

Passage going to river front

Remains of main Palace ,the palace was blasted by british forces during capture of the fort.

Beautiful Ken river

    The Great Freedom Struggle against British empire started on 14th June 1857. In Banda it was led by Nawab Ali Bahadur II . The struggle was much fierce than expected and revolutionaries from Allahabad, Kanpur and Bihar joined Nawab in fight against Britishers. On 15th June 1857, revolutionaries killed Joint Magistrate Cockrail. On 16th April 1858, Whitluck arrived  in Banda with central India field force and he fought against  the revolutionaries . About 3000 revolutionaries were killed in the fort during this war. Their graves are  still found inside the fort as well as  around the  fort a memorial has been constructed in their honour.

Samadhis of martyrs

Gur Jalebi!!!

Ajaygarh Fort

 First glimpse of Ajaigarh Fort

   The Ajaigarh fort was build in 9th century and gets its name from king Ajaipala.It remained with the Chandellas till Akbar took over the fort which was being governed by Rani Durgawati.

  In 1674 Raja Chhatrasal captured Ajaigarh and remained with the family, till it was captured by Ali Bahadur of Marathas in 1800.However a mercenary Himmat Bahadur along with the british captured the fort.However due atrocities of himmat Bahadur as well as  looting in surrounding areas he fell off with the british and in Feb 1809 the fort  was attacked  by the British.However stiff resistance by troops of Himmat Bahdur led by his danish commander Colonel Meiselback beat back all attacks.

  However witty negotiations brought Himmat Bahadur close to British.The british generously awarded him jagirs and took Colonel Meiselback into there service with  promotion as a Brigade Commander.

Main entrance 

At the main entrance the Kalinjar Darwaza there is a beautiful dancing Ganesha carved on the rock.There are two underground cavers nearby .

Dancing Ganesha

Beautiful anklet

Jain Statues indicates Jainism on the fort

Nandi with Shivlinga

Beautiful shlokas written and graffiti!!!! to destroy the same

There is a famous Ajaipal Talao .Also next to it is a colossal Shantinath which explains Jain presence in Bundelkahand.

Khajuraho temples

     After the splendorous journey through reserve forest it was time to visit the Khajuraho temples .There is large amount of material available on the history of Khajuraho ,so I will not write about it ,but I will share the photos clicked by me.i would say one should visit these temples at least once in lifetime and please give minimum 04 hours to see and enjoy the beauty of the temples.

    After the mesmerizing journey it was time to say good bye to this beautiful place.Untill my next ride Ride safe Firm saddle ,Adios.